Do it anyway

How to write when you don't feel like doing it?  When you don't have anything to say?  When you'd rather just go back to bed?  Do it anyway.  The same is true of anything that you want to get better at: do it anyway.  I once heard Yo Yo Ma responding to a question about how it felt to be a genius.  Now, he may well be, but that is not the point, his point anyway.  He said, to the best of my recollection, You'd be pretty good, too, if you had practiced--and still practice--six hours a day, every day, since you were six years old.  That's a lot of hours.  Think of the hours you've wasted doing whatever, or doing nothing, or doing things that you hate, when you could have been practicing what you love.  Maybe you've heard about Malcolm Gladwell's theory of greatness, the need to practice something, anything for ten thousand hours.  It all starts with one hour.  The great news is that there is still time.  That time is now.  Pick up that pen or trombone or tap shoe or paintbrush or instrument of choice and get to work.  I am!


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