On the Way to Everywhere highlighted reviews

"Kirsten [Feldman] has a knack for writing characters. Once again, her characters truly come to life. Harry is fantastic. She's a little awkward and very much a teenage girl. Her family, Imogene Gayle and Jeremy, are both loving and a little dysfunctional. The girls at her boarding school are what I'd imagine. And while all of the characters are flawed, they are relatable in their own way." Read the rest here on KDHReviews.

"captivating read!" 5/5 stars "Harry was a character so lovable that i shed quite a few tears for her." Read the rest here on Goodreads.

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No Alligators in Sight highlighted reviews

"Great Coming of Age Story!! I could relate!  Lettie writes about her and Bert's adventures over the summer, about her observations, feelings and hilarious ways of viewing the world.  I loved her voice, her sarcasm of her situation yet she is strong and makes it though all her trials."  Read the rest here on Mkitty's Bubble.

"Overall, an excellent read. The author's writing style is fantastic and easy to read. The prose just flows through it, even though the subject matter is far from poetic." Read the rest here on Goodreads.

Many more reviews of this book on Amazon and Goodreads.

Misery, Rancor, and Angst: Or, The Three Graces highlighted reviews

"[For] folks who like dark, contemporary stories with a hint of the paranormal. I really love how the story paints a realistic, yet dark picture of the lives of the three sisters, Vero, Lala, and Gracie. The thing that really drew me along was the suspense." Read the rest on Amazon.

"All in all, this book is a great read. The plot is interesting and moves at a nice pace, the characters are well-rounded and have different personalities, and the writing style is easy and enjoyable to read." Read the rest on Goodreads.

More reviews of this book on Amazon and Goodreads.

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