Salt Life

I heard a term this weekend that was new to me but immediately struck a chord, Salt Life.  Some of you may tell me what I've since learned, that it's really an ad for a company that sells beach apparel, and that's fine, but that's not why it spoke to me.  Salt Life says to me essential, elemental, organic, tidal, and oriented toward the sea.  It's the best encapsulation I've heard to date of the pull I feel in my nose, my blood, and my spirit.  It says to me that so much that we fret about is beside the point, is pointless, is futile.  The tide will go out, the tide will wash in.  Some months, some years, the tides will be higher than others, but the cycle will continue.  Rather than making me feel puny, which I suppose is an option, it makes me feel part of something larger, something better, something more lasting than the structures we erect, be they in our minds or in front of our eyes.  Feel the pull?  Say aye.

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