Planting season

The time of death is finally over.  Mother Nature has said so.  And so it is time to stick a finger in the ground and feel the life there, the passing of the frost, the coming of the warmth and the growth.  Every year I plant tomatoes and basil and parsley in order to make pesto and tomato sauce.  That is the obvious reason.  The less obvious reason is to grow something, to be part of the larger cycle, beyond the one that taunts us minute by minute in traffic or at work in a difficult meeting or in line at the grocery store.  This cycle says that we are just a tiny part of life on this planet, life that has gone on for millions of years before us and will go on millions of years after us--provided that we don't actually succeed in ruining the conditions for life here.  Join me in making something grow.  Here's to life!


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