Who Are Your People?

We all like our own people best. Now, the people in your life may include your family, friends, colleagues, community, or others, but your people are the ones you choose to spend time with, those for whom you are willing to make sacrifices. (This is unlikely to be all your social media "friends," great as they may be.) My people, for example, I work for them, I support them in their efforts, I feel their pain, and importantly, they mine.

That all sounds great, right? The problem comes when my people conflict with your people. We care much less about anything or anyone outside of "my" or "our." With seven billion people and counting, my people are a pretty small number, as are yours, most likely. As the world, the human world anyway, becomes more global, the smaller a percentage any group of people becomes. 

I'd like to believe that everyone is part of a my people, but evidence of human isolation fills the news. I'm trying everyday to offer kindness and gratitude outside of my people. Join me?

P.S. In order to focus on my fiction writing and spreading the word to a larger audience, I will be refocusing the blog this month but not posting. I am only one person, and I need to sleep sometimes ;-)

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