Oo! Ah! Oh!

Happy Fourth of July!  Happy Fourth!  What we rarely hear nowadays though is Happy Independence Day, and that’s what it really is.  This is my favorite holiday and has been for many years.  Why?  Well, it’s in the summer, there are no gifts involved, the whole celebration takes place outside, and there are fireworks.  What could be better really?  But a recent episode of House of Cards got me thinking about democracy, or so-called democracy, and about independence, and where we have that and where we don’t in this country.  There is so much to be thankful for here in America, and so much of it is due to those who fought and died for our independence.  People are fighting still.  And whether you think actual fighting is the way to go or not, me, not so much, still the fact remains that here we are thanks to them.  Raise a sparkler, will you?

Raise a Sparkler, Give Thanks

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