How I Killed Off Your Mother?

The online outrage over the How I Met Your Mother finale got me thinking about whose characters are they anyway, when a story is much beloved.  In this case it seems that fans certainly feel that they own the characters, Barney and Ted and Robin and the rest, because the "right" endings are all over YouTube—Ted and The Mother should have lived happily ever after.  But they didn't.  And that sucks.

So who's done it best?  I'm not the world's biggest TV watcher, mostly because I hate the ads and because there is so much dreck—hello, reality TV? just a scam to pay nothing to develop programming and get millions of viewers anyway—but here are my top picks as they occurred to me.

Friends.  Ross and Rachel are together.  Forever.  Finally.

M*A*S*H.  We're going home.  We will always love each other, but we are going home.  Tell me you didn't cry when you saw those stones.

ER.  Emergency! Stat! Noah Wyle is back, so we can all save a life together, and we got a photo of George Clooney to take home.

Frasier.  Analyze this.  And that.  And then call it a day, with Miles and Daphne married in a vet's office, since Eddie was the star of the show anyway.

The Sopranos.  It just ended.  Bam.  As all things do.

Breaking Bad.  Yeah, he broke bad, all bad, all the time bad, as promised.

Newhart.  The original and best "it was all a dream" ending, stolen so pitifully by Roseanne, but done perfectly here.

Cheers.  Sam was never leaving the bar.  Never.  And he didn't.  Not even for Diane.

Seinfeld.  I hated this show, such a downer about nothing, but I loved the end—jailed and on trial for being horrible!  Perfect!

24.  It didn't end well for Jack, as you knew it couldn't, but the best news here is that it didn't end!  Jack's back.


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  1. As I mentioned on Facebook, my big peeve with How I Met Your Mother is that they pulled a Nicholas Sparks. Some people live his stuff. I don't. No, life isn't perfect or fair, but I hate being told a story and growing to like a character and then BAM they die. I could always handle it on a show like LOST where there is a heavy theme of danger and survival, but I didn't appreciate it in this case. You're along for the ride and invested in a certain outcome and they could have left it all at the train station. :)


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