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It was hang-time in Olde Key West, but then it's always hang-time there.  I hadn't been back in years, though my memories of it were strong and resilient enough to fuel my second setting for No Alligators in Sight.  I wanted to see what had changed, and so I set off down the highway from Miami and got ready for some sights.

The strangest thing about Key West, and there are many, is that the beaches aren't very good.  You might expect swathes of fabulous sand, but you'd be wrong.  Remember, it's a coral island.  That said, the water is a lovely, every-shade-of-turquoise palette, so long as I don't have to touch the peaty bottom.

There are enough characters here to fuel a million novels--and have!  I even met another iguana guy and a heck of street magician named Dale.

I can still hear the cheers that go up at sunset.  You have to love a place that celebrates a natural act that occurs each and every day, and celebrates it heartily, variably, and each and every day.  Whatever else may have changed, and the island is more commercial, more filled with chain stores, more built up, no mistake, but that spirit remains.  Isn't that something to treasure?

Here are a few of my photos.  Yes, I have a thing for palm trees.

Palm 1 © Kirsten B. Feldman 2014

Palm 2 © Kirsten B. Feldman 2014

Palm 3 © Kirsten B. Feldman 2014

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