28 ways I'm grateful, begun on 11/28

The posts on Facebook, the time of year, and the mantra of a dear friend to "be grateful before you put your feet on the floor in the morning" prompted this list. Thankful or grateful? Your choice, 28 ways, since Turkey Day was November 28 this year.

In no particular order I am grateful and thankful that:

1. My family is healthy. And awesome. Just saying.
2. I decided to self-publish my book. I have talked to many interesting readers already and look forward to many more.
3. My parents met and decided to marry, much fascinating fallout there.
4. I live in the time that I do with all its glories and its foibles.
5. I see the sunrise more days than not. That's what it's all about, the world going around the sun.
6. I have the family that I have.
7. Words have usually come easily to me.
8. People write books. And I can read them. And do, about one a week.
9. I like my work.
10. My colleagues are excellent.
11. The students, ditto.
12. I knew three of my four grandparents well enough to remember them vividly.
13. Mother Nature hasn't decided to fully fight back for all the indignities and travesties we have visited on her. We should, however, feel amply and rightly warned.
14. I have all my original, working body parts, unless you count the tooth I knocked out in second grade. (Cap doing fine.)
15. Dr. Jacob figured out what was wrong with me.
16. My friends from grade school are still my friends. We know each other's history.
17. Ditto my friends from college.
18. I've made friends since college and continue to do so. Growth is good.
19. I've seen as much of the world as I have (42 states, 1 US territory, 8 countries). I hope to see a lot more.
20. Brown University taught me how to think for myself.
21. Tufts did, too.
22. My teachers have believed in my abilities and encouraged me to develop them.
23. Musicians have provided such a fine soundtrack to my life, the tragic and the ecstatic.
24. Also artists.
25. The seasons continue to come (yes, even the horrible one).
26. I am still capable of learning.
27. Teaching as well.
28. I am.

And you? What are you thankful for?

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