MUST love dogs! (and no, I don't mean that fun Claire Cook book of the same name)

I'm almost finished with Essential Maps for the Lost, and I have my fingers crossed for Mads and Billy, but really, meeting that way? Lying that way, so many times? Essentially not letting the person you claim to love really see you for who you are, because you are too afraid s/he won't love you then? Can that really be love, or just shades of that awful truth in Gone Girl?
But boy, does Deb Caletti love dogs. In her books I swear her characters love dogs more than they love people, even when they meet the people they claim to love above all others. I'm not much of a dog lover myself, could go either way on any given day on any given dog but don't want any which one of them living in my house, making me sneeze and wheeze and generally miserable.
Dogs for Coletti seem to stand for true love, whatever that is, love that is selfless and unquenchable and never-ending and absolute. This is interesting because her stories are so messy, so full of doubt and pain, so...life-like. It's almost as if love and life have nothing in common.
I've read or plan to read them all, though currently I still like The Last Forever the best, but you can't go wrong with any of them. I'll be right there in line to read the next one, dogs and all.


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