Whatcha reading? Rooms by Lauren Oliver

I'm not sure if I'm ever going to have the privilege of reading a better Lauren Oliver book than Before I Fall, but Rooms is a trip. The distance between reality and paranormal is whisper thin, as it should be but almost never is. There are ghosts around every corner of, in every pore of, in every breath taken in this family house where the family has departed (until they return with the father's death).

This could be YA, like Oliver's previous work, because she nails the viewpoints of the school-aged son, his twitchy cute neighbor, and his beckoning sprite of a visitor offering dark promises indeed. However, Oliver bills this as her first adult book, but her adults in name only--the severely alcoholic mom, the bitter grasping daughter, the better off dead father, and the two ghostly, bickering lingerers--often act less maturely than her teens. 

The real star of the show though is the remote house itself as it begrudgingly reveals its secrets and begs for the ultimate mercy with a roar.

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