What Will Take You There?

Where? Anywhere. That's the beauty of reading: you can do it anywhere, and if given the chance, it can and will take you anywhere you want to go. It doesn't discriminate by sex or income or race or education (beyond being able to read, that is). I came across this article recently, and though it's from 2012, it could be from today or twenty years ago, because it is timeless and combines my favorite things, education and kids and reading. Read to the end, the second to last sentence, to see my favorite line http://www.huffingtonpost.com/earl-martin-phalen/the-joy-of-reading-can-ta_b_1247801.html

New Year, new resolutions, new plans, but here's an easy one: read more. That could be the answer to many of the others, whether it's to travel (read travel guides first), to meet new people (join a book group with similar interests at your local library), to learn something new (read about hobbies and then try one), or even the perennial lose weight or start an exercise program (the cookbook section, the human biology section, or the self-help section are good places to start). As always, happy reading!

Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Suess

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