Writing social

In some ways for me at least those two nouns—one ancient and one newly coined—are antithetical.  Writing is a solitary activity, unless you count the company of one’s characters, who can honestly feel more real to me than people in the next room do when I am engrossed, either in my own work or in the work of authors I admire.  Yet writers need to engage with the world more than ever before, more than book tours of finite term or occasional media interviews, and certainly more than the writers who worked as recluses and only ever spoke to their editors, as Salinger ultimately did.  Now writers are expected to post and tweet and to consider singing on YouTube, anything to build their following, to engage with their audience, to sell.  I never wanted to sell anything, yet I want to find readers.  So here I am.  I don’t tweet yet, and I only sing in the car, but you never know!

Singing for My Supper by Phyllis Fluharty

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