We can find you anywhere

I saw a billboard for a cellular company: we can find you anywhere.  Hmm.  Well, I don’t want to be found everywhere, thank you very much.  I don’t think anyone should.  I don’t think it’s healthy or smart or necessary.  But here we are.  And we want to be found in an emergency, but it’s tricky how different people define emergency.  For some it’s life in the balance.  For some it’s a lost item.  For some it’s a broken fingernail.  You get my drift.  Expectations.  A tricky business.  A friend says, in the Buddhist tradition, expect nothing, because then you are never disappointed.  So how can I meet the demands on me, from family and friends and coworkers and community members and people I don’t know yet, in a reasonable way but still preserve a modicum of personal space, of time, of privacy?  We all hear that privacy is dead, and perhaps that is true, but perhaps it is just hiding out, waiting for a safe moment to emerge.  I will do my best to help it along, one unplugged moment at a time.  Maybe it will become a trend.  One that no one talks about.

Now that's private!

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