Wherever life allows

What a season, what a day, what an hour!  Carpe diem has certainly been overused in recently years, but the fact remains, though these are the longest days of the year, they too will pass, and we should seize them!  I've made a list of plans for my summer days, big and small:

  • Get my newest YA book On the Way to Everywhere out there in the world
  • Visit as many beaches as many days as possible
  • Read a few dozen books, find a new favorite or two, beachside
  • Eat seafood whenever that is an option 
  • "See some old friends, good for the soul" (thank you, Bob Seger)
  • Listen to live music, preferably outdoors
  • Have an outdoor experience that's new to me
  • Wear small clothing and be happy about my particular body in it
  • Go barefoot wherever life allows
  • Submerge myself in every body of water in my radius
  • Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Again.
  • Smile.

And you?  Happy Summer 2014!

Summer Love
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