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I am pleased to feature two of my favorite indie authors and my recent reviews of their work. Enjoy!

Meg Wilson, author of Mourning Dove

Mikey Young is killed in his backyard by a hunter who is acquitted of all charges. While the years roll by, grief paralyzes one family and motivates the other. When Mikey's sister falls for the hunter's son, everyone gets caught in the turmoil. And the only place serving up peace is Mourning Dove.

A gemMeg Wilson's MOURNING DOVE was a keeper. Evan and Gracie's story of coincidence, tragedy, and finally, peace will break your heart and then help it mend. I thought each of the parents and children spoke truly. I especially liked the descriptions of the small Maine towns where the story took place; clearly the author knows her subject there. In the end I was misty-eyed, and you may well find yourself the same, in the best way.

You can see more of her timely, touching work here at Meg Wilson. It is available for purchase on her site and on Amazon.

Brendan Halpin, author of Enter the Bluebird

"Something was wrong. Julie flew to the ceiling." Julie Rouge is nearly 16 and can't wait to join her mother, the masked crimefighter Red Talon, patrolling the crime-ridden streets of New Edinburgh. Unfortunately, Julie's mom has disappeared, and, while searching for her, Julie is going to discover that the city she calls home is even nastier, more corrupt, and riddled with toxic secrets than she ever knew. With brutality and betrayal around every corner, Julie will need the help of some unlikely friends and strength she never knew she had in order to become the hero she was born to be.

Bam! Pow! Biff! Make time for Julie Rouge AKA The Bluebird! ENTER THE BLUEBIRD by Brendan Halpin reminded me in the best way of the old Batman TV show with Adam West and Burt Ward, when superheroes were a little less flashy but had more heart. The book--Kickstarted, how appropriate is that--has that same fun mix of action and earnestness, humor and darkness, camp and thrill. I especially liked Julie's complicated origin story. May The Bluebird fly again!

You can see more about his voluminous, awesome work here at Girl in a Cage. It is available for purchase here on Amazon.

And then there's mine, more info on the Books page of this blog ;-)

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Happy Valentine's Day, and here's to Independence!

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The Silken Edge
Illusions Begin: The Mysticseeker Series
The Hideaway
Meeting Destiny
Blood Debt
Destiny's Revenge
Centaur Legacy
Destiny's Wrath
Centaur Redemption

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